Treghan Luxury Lodge

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Owner's Cottage
Myndir Upplýsingar
Bóka 420 $ Athuga 330 330 330 330 330 330 330 330 330 330 330 330 330
Birdsong Retreat - 2 + nights stay
Myndir Upplýsingar
Bóka 650 $ Athuga Athuga 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 Athuga Athuga Athuga
Tranquility Retreat - 2 + nights stay
Myndir Upplýsingar
Bóka 650 $ Athuga 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 570 Athuga Athuga Athuga
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Treghan Luxury Lodge
+64 9 407 1311
+64 21771299
394 B Kerikeri Road
Bay of Islands 0230
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Perfect for a relaxing holiday, romantic getaway or a golf retreat in the bay. Yet, just minutes from Kerikeri in beautiful secluded gardens with just 3 guesthouses. Set in secluded and carefully landscaped grounds, serenity is paramount. The accommodation is designed to give you the freedom to enjoy your stay in utmost tranquility without constant interruptions. Your space is your own - a home away from home - with secluded living and spacious decks. An ideal retreat for busy people.

Rated 5 star by guests, Treghan is in the top 1% in the world for the Travellers Choice Award from Trip Advisor, for accommodation and great service. The accommodation is also in the top 10% of businesses worldwide for wonderful reviews and has been awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence every year since 2011.

Þjónusta í boði

  1. Grillsvæði
  2. Bókasafn
  3. Kodda valseðill
  4. Reyklaus herbergi
  5. DVD-safn
  6. Þjónustuborð skoðunarferða
  7. Þráðlaust net
  8. Viðskiptamiðstöð
  9. Ókeypis bílastæði
  10. Breiðband netaðgangur
  11. Kvikmyndir á leigu
  12. Bílastæði undir þaki á staðnum

Upplýsingar um gistirými

Owner's Cottage


The intimate Owners Cottage offers wonderful garden and countryside views, is private and fully self-contained, with wide sliding doors opening onto a secluded deck and private garden. It features lovely furnishings, luxury bedding and linens and an ultra comfortable king bed. Delicious organic breakfast provisions are just one of the benefits provided along with your own BBQ facilities. Elegant self-contained accommodation - sleeps 2 - 3,

  • 45.0
  • 1 Rúm af King stærð
  • 1 Aukarúm í boði
  • 1 Baðherbergi
  • Ýmiskonar útsýni
  • Reyklaust
  1. Sturta - aðskilin
  2. Te-/kaffisett
  3. Þráðlaus nettenging
  4. Brauðrist
  5. Upphitun
  6. Vekjaraklukka
  7. Kapal-/gervihnattasjónvarp
  8. Matsalur
  9. Grill
  10. Útvarpsvekjari
  11. DVD-spilari
  12. Útisvæði
  13. Loftkælt
  14. Rúmföt fylgja
  15. iPod tengikví
  16. Rúmföt og handklæði fylgja
  17. Sjónvarp
  18. Eldhúskrókur
  19. Míníbar
  20. Þvottaaðstaða
  21. Baðsloppar á staðnum
  22. Hárþurrka
  23. Setustofa
  24. Helluborð
  25. Skrifborð
  26. Kæliskápur - Bar kæliskápur
  27. Straujárn / Strauborð
  28. Örbylgjuofn
  29. Geislaspilari

Treghan Luxury Lodge

Birdsong Retreat - 2 + nights stay

Birdsong Retreat - 2 + nights stay


Birdsong Retreat offers fully self-contained two bedroom, two bathroom accommodation with sliding doors opening onto your own private deck and rural views to the northwest.
Everything needed to prepare your meals can be found in the kitchen with a dishwasher making cleaning up a breeze!. You can dine al fresco as you watch the sun set or if you feel like eating out you can choose from many restaurants and vineyards, close at hand.
Ultra comfortable super king size beds ( which can be reconfigured into singles) await you with luxury feather pillows (alternative available) which ensure you awake refreshed, ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast from full provisions provided (organic where possible). Laundry facilities available.

Free Wi-Fi and parking and a panacotta desert voucher to redeem free at award winning "Food at Wharepuke" (1 per stay). Wharepuke Restaurant closed Sunday evening and Monday.

  • 91.0
  • 1 Aukarúm í boði
  • 2 Rúm í Super King stærð
  • 2 Baðherbergi
  • Útsýni yfir sveitina
  • Reyklaust
  1. Sturta - aðskilin
  2. Upphitun
  3. Útvarpsvekjari
  4. Grill
  5. Brauðrist
  6. Vekjaraklukka
  7. Straujárn / Strauborð
  8. Herbergisþjónusta
  9. DVD-spilari
  10. Verönd
  11. Baðsloppar á staðnum
  12. Þráðlaus nettenging
  13. Matsalur
  14. Örbylgjuofn
  15. Gefins ávaxtakarfa
  16. Te-/kaffisett
  17. Rúmföt og handklæði fylgja
  18. Eldhús
  19. Helluborð
  20. iPod tengikví
  21. Kapal-/gervihnattasjónvarp
  22. Svalir
  23. Loftkælt
  24. Kæliskápur í fullri stærð
  25. Öryggishólf í herbergi
  26. Útisvæði
  27. Stigar
  28. Uppþvottavél
  29. Geislaspilari
  30. Ókeypis kvikmyndir á leigu
  31. Sjónvarp
  32. Setustofa
  33. Þvottaaðstaða
  34. Bakaraofn
  35. Breiðband netaðgangur
  36. Hárþurrka
  37. Míníbar

Tranquility Retreat - 2 + nights stay


Tranquility Retreat offers elegance and luxury. Featuring a private deck with stunning views to the northwest, two bedrooms with ultra-comfortable super-king (or twin single) beds, fine fabrics, oak floors and cosy carpets. Everything needed to prepare your meals can be found in the kitchen with a dishwasher making cleaning up a breeze!. Or you can choose from many cafes, restaurants and vineyards. Free wifi, air-conditioning, satellite smart tvs, 2 bathrooms and complimentary delicious organic breakfast provisions. Self contained, self catering accommodation which sleeps up to 4.

  • 87.0
  • 2 Rúm í Super King stærð
  • 2 Baðherbergi
  • Útsýni yfir sveitina
  • Reyklaust
  1. Matsalur
  2. Rúmföt og handklæði fylgja
  3. Geislaspilari
  4. Gefins ávaxtakarfa
  5. Rúmföt fylgja
  6. Eldhús
  7. Setustofa
  8. Hárþurrka
  9. iPod tengikví
  10. Kæliskápur í fullri stærð
  11. Sturta - aðskilin
  12. Baðsloppar á staðnum
  13. Útisvæði
  14. Straujárn / Strauborð
  15. Brauðrist
  16. Loftkælt
  17. Örbylgjuofn
  18. Sjónvarp
  19. Þráðlaus nettenging
  20. Öryggishólf í herbergi
  21. Uppþvottavél
  22. Ókeypis dagblað
  23. Upphitun
  24. Skrifborð
  25. Barnastóll fáanlegur
  26. Þvottaaðstaða
  27. Helluborð
  28. Bakaraofn
  29. Herbergisþjónusta
  30. Uppgufunar loftkæling
  31. Grill
  32. Te-/kaffisett
  33. Útvarpsvekjari
  34. Vekjaraklukka
  35. Þvottavél og þurrkari
  36. DVD-spilari
  37. Kapal-/gervihnattasjónvarp
  38. Verönd



Check in is usually between 3.00pm and 6.00pm. Check out is by 10.30am. If you would like to make other arrangements, please contact us, as we like to be flexible and fit in with your needs.
SAFETY ON SITE: Please observe all safety signs and exercise due care for all guests.
SMOKE FREE: We are a smoke free environment. This means no smoking in the rooms or onsite please.
INTOXICATION: Intoxicated persons are not allowed on site.
BREAKAGES/DAMAGE: All breakages and damage will be charged for. Please leave the accommodation in the same condition as you found it.
CHILDREN: Please enquire.
NOISE: Excessive or offending noise from any source is not acceptable at any time.
PETS: Small dogs (but not puppies) may be allowed with prior agreement in writing with us before making your booking. If this is agreed, the dog will incur an additional booking fee of $50.


Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of credit card details (Mastercard or Visa) and a 30% deposit. Full payment is made before or on arrival using Cash, Master Card or Visa or proof of internet banking (made one week before arrival).


If a booking is cancelled after the deposit is paid, the deposit is non-refundable. Any cancellation received within 7 days prior to arrival date will incur the full period charge unless alternative dates are booked or we have made a special arrangement with you. Failure to arrive at your accommodation with no notice will incur the full period charge.

We will make every effort to re-book the guesthouses and if we are successful we will not charge you the cancellation fees. We do recommend travel insurance.

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